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21000 Novi Sad
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About us

ELCOM SYSTEM brings together a team of enthusiastic engineers and technicians united by the same passion: industrial automation. At Elcom System, we always strive to offer our partners the most reliable and innovative solutions, whether it is a new assembly machine, test station, or upgrade to an old machine…

Are you in need of a custom made industrial solution?

What can we make for you?

The idea

You have a problem that you are not sure how to solve? Share the details with us and let us think of the best way to handle it.

Project in 3D

Our engineering team skips the limitations of conventional thinking and provides you with a 3D view of the project.

Individual assemblies and installation

At your request, we make individual assemblies that are maximally functional, compact and tailored exclusively to you and your needs.

Complete machines, devices and applications

Everything we make on specific request fits into an existing production line and connects to equipment already in use.

POKA YOKE systems

Prevent defects by eliminating human error at the source: during the production process.

Software for PLC and HMI panels

We program applicative and PLC software on different platforms and types of equipment.


Automation and robotics in production

Lack of manpower, tedious and dangerous operations, lack of precision: all this can be solved by installing a robot.

Innovative and unique solutions

We do not have a stock of finished products because we made everything according to the specific request of the client.

Completed projects