Donje Sajlovo 140
21000 Novi Sad
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With knowledge and experience, our team is qualified to produce a superior end product regardless of the challenges that may arise along the way.
Elcom System has gained a good reputation producing custom made machines and systems thanks to close cooperation with customers throughout the entire production process following strict quality guidelines.

Breaking through the limitations of conventional thinking, we provide a comprehensive range of value-added services to produce solutions that deliver maximum productivity at minimum cost. Our machines fit into your existing line because we make them according to your request, without unnecessary options.

With us you get much more than an industrial machine: you get a mindset that will change your process for the better and help you be faster and more profitable.

Elcom System provides production services of non-standard machines for various industries:
from food/beverages and consumer products, to wires, cables, and pharmaceuticals.

We look forward to new opportunities and working in new markets, as well as strengthening our strategic partnership with all existing and new clients.

Are you searching for a reliable quality partner for your next project?