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Automatic crimping machine

The crimping machine is a compact and optimized solution for permanent connection of rubber hoses and plastic connectors with a metal ring using a plastic deformation technique.


Combining the pneumatic cylinder and a hydraulic booster gives the pressing force of up to 7000kg with the working pressure of 5bar. The machine is relatively small in size and has a much quieter operation compared to standard machines with a hydraulic pump. It is provided with a safety barrier (curtain), which means that it is completely safe for the operator. POKA-YOKE system is implemented: an industrial camera that checks the presence and correctness of all components before and after crimping, and therefore there is no possibility of scrap.
The machine has the option of connecting external signals via a harting connector (plug & play). This way it can easily expand the number of operations or it can be conditioned to work with another machine. It is purposely made for the automotive industry, but due to its flexibility and easy change of work tools, this working principle can be applied in all branches of industry.

From idea to product

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How does it look like in operation?