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Control station with robotic arm COBOT

Integration of the robotic arm COBOT, brand: Universal Robots.


The control station is used to control the marking (using visual inspection) on rubber hoses, for marking (printing), as well as stacking them in crates. There are several different references (hoses). Operator places the tool provided for control on the counter. The system recognizes the reference and awaits confirmation from the operator on the HMI. After confirmation, the operator inserts an empty crate through the gravity lateral conveyor on the left to the main conveyor, which is transported to the filling position and locked there. The operator starts the cycle and COBOT begins the control process. The operator and COBOT work collaboratively, the operator places the hoses in the tools and marks them, while the COBOT checks the hoses and packs them into the casket. When filled, the crate is unlocked and transported to the end of the main conveyor and is signaled that the crate is full and the cycle is complete. After downloading the full crate, the new empty crate is locked in the same manner and the cycle is starting over.

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How does it look like in operation?