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EVA bag printer

The machine is used to print bar codes on bags.


The operator places the bags in the input bag storage, closes the door and starts the machine. The machine then takes the upper bag out of the storage with the help of a vacuum and drags it to the outlet storage. In this movement, the bar code is printed on the bag. Immediately after printing, the quality of the print is checked with a bar code scanner. If the print is not satisfactory, the bag is thrown into a separate box, while all bags that meet the print quality are disposed in the finished bag storage. The sensor checks the bag level when taking bags from the input bag storage and, if necessary, the input storage is lift through the AC motor for that much that the sensor is always activated. The bag level is also checked while disposing bags in the output storage, and, if necessary, the AC motor is activated, which lowers the output storage via threaded spindle so that the correct bags are always stored at the same level.

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How does it look like in operation?