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Pressure tester

The machine is used to test the product for pressure.


The operator places the pipe to be tested in a special tool. The tool contains sensors that check the geometry of the pipe, and if the geometry is correct, it can be accessed by a pressure test. By pressing the cycle start button, the tool plate rotates 180 degrees so that the test tube is turned down and an empty tool is placed toward the operator to place the second tube while the first is being tested. Pressure testing is performed through a special INOMATEC device that automatically introduces pressurized air into the pipe, and measures the eventual leakage of air from the pipe. If the tube passes the test, the code is printed on it, and the tube is transported to the operator, who takes it from the opening on the machine. If the pressure test shows that the pipe is defective, the pipe is ejected into the locked container and remains there until the authorized person unlocks the container and removes it.

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