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Universal Twin Cutting Machine

The machine is used to cut the hose to a given length.

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The hoses come either on a wooden pulley or on a cardboard smaller roll. The wooden reel rolls into the machine at the back, and is introduced through the rollers up to two parallel rubber bands pulling it further. Tapes are expanding and contracting with a pneumatic cylinder, and they only expand when a hose is introduced into the machine. They shrink when they need to cut. The belt drive is a step motor with an encoder, which is used for measuring the length of the cut. The machine is used for hot cutting with two thermal blades. Cutting is done by an actuation pneumatic cylinder. The operator inserts the reel and inserts the hose through the rollers and chooses the length at which it is cut and then presses the start on the HMI. The machine unwinds the reel via an electric motor with a frequency controller. Tension is adjustable with a movable lever – “ballerina.”

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